Photo by Todd O’Keefe

Naseem Hyder

Web Designer & Developer

Naseem Hyder has worked in all areas of web devel­op­ment, pro­gram­ming and design since her grad­u­a­tion from UC Santa Barbara’s Com­puter Sci­ence pro­gram in 2000. She has worked as a free­lancer on numer­ous sites includ­ing cor­po­rate web­sites, local non­profit sites and per­sonal web pages and blogs. In addi­tion to her cor­po­rate clients, she has designed web­sites for a num­ber of non­prof­its, includ­ing the Lobero The­atre, Sum­mer­dance Santa Bar­bara, Gen­e­sis West, and Ganna Walska Lotus­land.

Naseem received a BS in Com­puter Sci­ence from UCSB, and a cer­tifi­cate in Graphic Design from UCSB Extension. She is currently based in Santa Barbara, CA.

Memory Lane

Growing up in Los Altos, California in the 80’s I was always surrounded by the latest and greatest in computer technology. I first started connecting to the internet via a 300 baud modem in the mid-80s. In the early 90’s I started learning HTML and building basic websites. Here are just a few of the computers that have come and gone. Enjoy!

IBM 5150 Personal Computer


Me with the first IBM PC. If you look closely it is displaying “NASEEM” in ASCII art! At this age all I really did with the computer was watch my brothers play computer games.

Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80


We had this computer before the IBM PC came along, but it still stuck around and became my computer in 1989. I learned how to program BASIC on this computer and recorded the programs on that little tape cassette recorder you see on the right. The kitten’s name is Kitty.

386 PC


We built this computer with components from the local shop, Los Altos Computer. This wasn’t my first computer with a modem, but this was the first computer on which I started fiddling with HTML and making websites. I also spent a lot of time looking up R.E.M. lyrics and Grateful Dead guitar chords.

Apple iBook G3


My first Mac and boy was I impressed. Shortly after I got this I picked up this new thing called the iPod. Then I picked up a few shares of Apple stock. This picture is of my first portfolio website.



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